The Krupnick Approach LLC and  KAEXCELLENCE SCHOLARS INC 501c3- nonprofit

The Krupnick Approach LLC and KAEXCELLENCE SCHOLARS INC 501c3- nonprofit


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About Us

To share more about The Krupnick Approach, which began in 2017-19 formally into an LLC. Joseph- Dr K and I did not take out a loan. We did join bank accounts with Chase Business and worked hard to be strategic with our expenses. Joseph was finishing up his PhD in Sociology (focus on the gym and fitness centers- second choice after gang studies did not work out) from Harvard University and I was in the transition of moving down to Tampa, Florida and enroll in a PhD program, with my parents residing and retiring there in a community. Unfortunately, my mom came down with terminal brain cancer and passed away within a month. Therefore, me resulting in deciding to move downtown Chicago- River North. Joseph's mother Jean (who now has advanced Alzheimer's and resides with her partner in Gold Coast) encouraged us to move forward on what our connection is: Education. She did not support us moving to France and work in school institutions. Upon completion of Joseph's PhD, we put our minds and dedication-energy together and organically became business partners/owners. Aside from that, I personally was still continuing my work therapeutically in School-Academy-Charter-Private settings.

Our business is a tailorized educational service for families-students that are in need of academic educational support. In further detail, that may be one-on-one tutoring for math, science, English, reading, or college/post-college level instruction. We are very much word of mouth through families and students however we do have a solid marketing team based in Arizona that I highly recommend to others.


Co-Founder, Advisor, Chief Management Officer, Consultant, Mediaor, Therapist*
FIrst tutor hired- Marcy Frazier from a Highland Park Tutoring company
Founder, Joe-Dr Joseph- Dr K